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Trinkets from the hills, skincare and no oil snacks

Published: Jun. 13, 2024
Updated: Jun. 13, 2024


SONAM Dorjee Negi welcomes every visitor to his stall at Dastkar’s Summer Mela with a bright smile. He and his family have been making jewellery for generations. After completing his education, he decided to join the family business instead of going on the routine job hunt. 

“Why let the craft go waste?” he explains. While his family manufactures the jewellery, he concentrates on marketing — travelling to craft fairs and events across the country to sell the products.Originally, the family crafted only pure silver jewellery but they decided it was best to shift towards costume jewellery that is now trendy and much cheaper. 

Products include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and bangles. Prices are very affordable. Bracelets cost Rs 200-400 and earrings Rs 300-400. Heavier pieces are priced Rs 500-2000.

“Originally our family used to make only silver jewellery because almost everyone in Himachal always wears silver. Over time the trend here has changed. There is more demand for brass or white metal jewellery since silver has become very expensive,” says Negi. 

The designs have, however, remained unaltered. Negi’s family replicates ethnic design in different metals. That way the jewellery doesn’t lose its traditional charm and is easier to sell. “I have only recently opened an Instagram page,” he says. “But I believe selling online doesn’t work well for us. We find that customers like to come, try on the jewellery and appreciate the pieces. We also get to know what they like.”

Contact: Sonam Dorjee Negi – 9810183342

Instagram: @himalayan.artefacts




TREAT your skin with love and care with Tvaksutra, an enterprise founded by Gunjan Bisht who believes in the dictum, ‘Nurture yourself’. 

“We are gentle on the skin and the planet. All our processes are absolutely natural and infusion based,” she says. 

Tvaksutra manufactures and sells lip balms, skin oils, creams, hair vitalizing serums and perfumes. Also available are artisan bar soaps with a range of fragrances. One of their most popular products is their SPF 45 sunscreen. The aloe vera-saffron combination of their gentle face cream helps in maintaining an even tone and is non-sticky.

Another bestseller is their hemp-based scrub, a blend of butters, hemp seed and walnut powder that works well as a skin exfoliator. It can be used as a body scrub too.

“Our packaging is all natural, glass-based and sustainable. Even the colours we use are natural. They are based on seed and flower infusion, making our products organic and safe for the skin and environment,” says Bisht.

 Tvaksutra’s website will be up and running soon. Until then, you can place orders through their Instagram page or by connecting on the phone.

Contact: Gunjan Bisht – 8595316886; Email:; Instagram: @tvaksutra



CLOTHES that are light, airy and organic are best suited for babies and young children. What could be better for their delicate skin than a wispy fabric like mulmul, steeped in Bengal’s tradition and history. “We don’t make clothes, we make a second skin” is Poulami Chatterjee’s tagline for her brand, Kutti-Element of Love.

She found that although there were plenty of breathable summer fabrics for adults, there were very few options for children who actually have more sensitive skin.

Her clothes range has clothing for newborns to children who are 12 years old.  Take your pick from attractive kurtas, shirts, dresses, kaftans and dhotis. Also on offer are embroidered quilts and small, colourful cloth toys. Her products come in a variety of designs and are soft, comfortable, stylish and sustainable.

“I wanted my enterprise to be sustainable, serve people and inspire them to make a conscious choice. Profit comes after these two main objectives,” says Chatterjee. Her motto are the three P’s: Planet, People, Profit.

“I have customers who have been coming for the past five years to say the clothes are still in good condition and have been handed down to younger children in the family,” she says.

Chatterjee ensures clothes for children can be used for a longer period by designing unique patterns that allow for maximum use. She uses the age-old jamdani technique of weaving with muslin as the base material for all her apparel. “Muslin is breathable, soothing in summer, easy on the skin and a good absorber of moisture,” she explains. Of course, she uses natural dyes.

Chatterjee is based in Kolkata but is a regular at Dastkar bazaars. You can also reach out to her by giving her a call or via WhatsApp and Instagram.

Contact: Poulami Chatterjee – 9051267073

Instagram: @kuttielementoflove




Asha Grah Udyog was founded by Asha Sharma and her family who settled in  Dehradun over 22 years ago. The enterprise began as a small business using  traditional recipes. It now provides a livelihood to more than 80 women from Gujrara village of Dehradun. Products on offer include crunchy peanut bites, roasted moong jor, papad varieties such as chana-lehsun, chana-masala, urad dal and more. They also have baked potato crisps and a range of pickles that are made without oil. Spiced and tangy peanut bites is one of their best-selling products and a popular tea-time snack. Each of their products is either roasted or baked. They do not add chemicals or preservatives and not a single snack is fried.

“All the recipes are my mother’s, who started this with the principle of healthy snacking,” shares Mrigakshee, Asha’s daughter. “My mother has worked with the Dehradun government and the Delhi government as well. We have a long-standing association with Dastkar at New Delhi for the past eight years. It is a wonderful platform for us.”

Asha Grah Udyog products have also featured in the International Trade Fair. They have made a conscious choice not to sell online because they believe theirs is an enterprise built on taste and trust, with honest and well curated ingredients. They want clients to taste their snacks before buying!

Contact: Mrigakshee Singh – 8826154481





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