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  • Plant of December

    Plant of December

    Kalahari Christmas   The Kalahari Christmas tree or Dichrostachys ciinerea is a Christmas tree for desert areas. It grows from a ...

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  • Plant of November

    Plant of November

    Wavy trumpet  Dolichandrone atrovirens (Roth) K. Schuman., popularly known as wavy trumpet, is endemic to India. It is a medium-sized ...

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  • Plant of September

    Plant of September

    Maha Drona Maha Drona, scientifically known as Anisomeles malabarica (L.) R. Br. ex Sims, belongs to the Lamiaceae family, or ...

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  • Flower Power July

    Flower Power July

    Fringed Flower Observing intoxicated butterflies flitting from flower to flower is one of the most soothing sights in a garden. ...

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  • Flower Power April

    Flower Power April

    Bonfire tree The Scarlet Sterculia or the Bonfire tree, also known as Sterculia colorata Roxb, is a medium-sized tree with ...

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    Indian Olive Tree The Indian Olive tree (Elaeocarpus serratus L.) or wild olive tree, is the cousin of the Rudraksh ...

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  • Flowers and plants

    Flowers and plants

      Screw tree Helicteresisora L. or the East Indian Screw Tree is a handy shrub with delightful flowers and dense ...

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  • Flowers with uses

    Flowers with uses

    Ulat Kambal This lovely flower enchants you with its warm hues. It’s called Ulat Kambal, which  means inverted blanket in ...

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