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  • Neem tableware

    Neem tableware

    The wondrous neem tree is famous for its many medicinal qualities. While neem leaf and bark have been used for ...

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  • Goatskin guitar

    Goatskin guitar

    Tsering Angchuk is a musician from Changtang in Ladakh. Sitting inside his stall at Dilli Haat, he strums a traditional ...

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  • Snow leopards, yaks

    Snow leopards, yaks

    Have you seen animals from snowy Ladakh in warm Delhi? Of course not. But you could catch a glimpse of ...

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  • Painting the jungle

    Painting the jungle

    Baiga art is bright and beautiful and looks fabulous on a wall. “It’s our traditional craft and we love doing ...

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  • Northeast specials

    Northeast specials

    Fear not the big bad city. Armed with the world’s hottest chilli, the famed bhutjholokia of Northeast fame, you can ...

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  • Art in every corner

    Art in every corner

    Some Fine Handicrafts has tables, trays, lamps and furniture with beautiful art work. You can buy a tray with a ...

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  • Coconut medley

    Coconut medley

    Rabiah is an NGO which sells a range of coconut products. There is coconut milk, coconut powder, coconut pickle, coconut ...

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  • Terracotta beauties

    Terracotta beauties

    Mansi Verma’s stall has a delightful jumble of things you’d love to take home.  An attractive lamp glows gently behind ...

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  • Mushroom magic

    Mushroom magic

    Add zing to your meals with a spoon of mushroom powder or diced dried oyster mushrooms. Pastas, soups, sautéed greens ...

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  • Newspaper pencils

    Newspaper pencils

    Family of Disabled (FOD), an NGO in Delhi, has started a micro-enterprise which makes pencils from discarded newspapers. “Our pencils ...

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  • Leafy plates

    Leafy plates

    Dilseng M. Sangma, an earnest young man from Meghalaya, manufactures plates and bowls from arecanut leaves and sal leaves. One ...

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  • Salad heaven

    Salad heaven

    Perk up your salads with inventive artisanal dressings you can match with your greens. Arugula & Co. offers a range ...

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  • Timeless ajrak

    Timeless ajrak

    It is said that the origins of ajrak, a block-printed textile with rich colours, can be traced to the Harappan ...

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  • Masks with herbs

    Masks with herbs

    iVillage, a social enterprise started by Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES), makes masks to suit every face and every need. ...

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  • Native laptop bags

    Native laptop bags

    Every season, Arti Gehlot and her team at Kirgiti pick one traditional fabric and learn everything about it. Then they ...

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  • Stylish Shibori

    Stylish Shibori

    Ananda makes dresses, blouses, sarees, dupattas and stoles using an exquisite Japanese dyeing technique called Shibori. The fabrics used are ...

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  • Colourful carpets

    Colourful carpets

    In Mirzapur, India’s oldest carpet weaving hub, generation after generation is trained to become gifted weavers. The Mirzapur Dari Weavers’ ...

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  • Carved in stone

    Carved in stone

    Black stoneware from Manipur is attractive, hardy and reasonably priced. You can get earthy coffee mugs, water tumblers, kettles, plates, ...

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  • Natural cosmetics

    Natural cosmetics

    Adri Naturals was started by Seema Khurana whose firm belief is that natural products make the best cosmetics. When she ...

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  • Kashida threads

    Kashida threads

    Kashmir’s beautiful Kashida embroidery is full of nature imagery and floral patterns. Abdul Rashid Dar’s stall in Dastkaar’s Nature Bazaar ...

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  • Honey from Etna

    Honey from Etna

    KAVITA Khorana and her husband started Etna in late 2015. They borrowed the name from Mount Etna, one of the ...

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  • Cool masks

    Cool masks

    Face masks are your armour against the deadly coronavirus. Buy a few from the Gulmeher Green Producer Company, a women’s collective. ...

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  • Himalayan bounty

    Himalayan bounty

    The Inhere Aajivika Utthan Samiti (IAUS), an NGO in Almora district of Uttarakhand, runs a successful non-profit, Himalayan Fresh, which supports ...

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  • Unique rice

    Unique rice

    India is undergoing a rice revolution in long forgotten rice varieties. Farmers are keen to grow traditional varieties and consumers ...

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  • Earthy skin

    Earthy skin

    First Water Solutions offers a range of natural cosmetic products from solid perfumes and face scrubs to body lotions and serums. ...

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  • Sinful chocolate

    Sinful chocolate

    Handcrafted chocolates taste better and make you feel better. Queen & Bee’s range of tempting chocolates are handcrafted by women ...

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  • Winter knits

    Winter knits

    Kilmora’s sweaters and mufflers evoke memories of woollens knitted by grandmothers and aunts. The woollens are made by rural women ...

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  • Magic threads

    Magic threads

    Atiqa is a collective of Afghan women who have found a semblance of home in Delhi after escaping the turmoil ...

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  • Chanderi times

    Chanderi times

    A sari mela, organised by Dastkar, brought weavers from all over India to Delhi. Among them was Yakoob Ansari whose ...

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  • Mighty flowers

    Mighty flowers

    Phool offers luxury incense sticks with the power of flowers. Light one and the fragrance of a thousand flowers suffuses ...

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  • Golden spice

    Golden spice

    Aranyam Natural Options specialises in turmeric, the super spice that the West has fallen in love with.  Meenakshi Bhardwaj, co-founder ...

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  • Natural pads

    Natural pads

    Koko Girl manufactures inexpensive sanitary pads in very soft, hygienic, organic cotton. The pads feel light, airy and comfortable and ...

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  • Paper baskets

    Paper baskets

    Sona Kapoor began making a range of  baskets from wastepaper as a hobby  some years ago. That little fun activity ...

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  • Art & a story

    Art & a story

    Patachitra is Bengal’s traditional art of scroll painting, still largely done with natural colours. Patuas or chitrakars are a community ...

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  • Green pencils

    Green pencils

    Pencils made from recycled newspaper are as good as pencils made from wood. Sturdy and smooth, these are an eco-friendly ...

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