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Sinful chocolate

Published: Jan. 27, 2020
Updated: Jan. 27, 2020

Handcrafted chocolates taste better and make you feel better. Queen & Bee’s range of tempting chocolates are handcrafted by women in rural Rajasthan. Manshu Ahuja, founder of Queen & Bee, says tempering chocolate is the most important process in chocolate-making. Five women from Alwar in Rajasthan were trained in making chocolates for two or three months and are now full-time employees of Queen & Bee.

At their stall in Dastkar’s Nature Bazaar in Delhi’s Kissan Haat, nearly 20 flavours were on display. “Salted caramel, coffee and plain dark chocolate are our bestsellers. Rose is a familiar flavour for Indians, so it does well too,” says Ahuja. They also have a paan-flavoured chocolate bar. Customers can choose from a range of milk chocolates and chocolates with a higher percentage of cocoa. The chocolate bars are modestly priced and cost between `120 to `300. Queen & Bee also sells honey and coffee.


Contact: Manshu Ahuja – 9748214600

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