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Paper baskets

Published: Jun. 06, 2019
Updated: Jun. 06, 2019

Sona Kapoor began making a range of  baskets from wastepaper as a hobby  some years ago. That little fun activity mutated into a micro-enterprise called Sona’s Creation which she runs with her husband, Vikas. Old newspapers and other wastepaper are rolled tightly into ropes and then handwoven into products. Sona runs her enterprise from her home and has hired two women to work with her. “It takes one and a half days to make a basket. The work is labour intensive,” says Vikas.

Sona and Vikas displayed their products at a stall in Dastkar’s Basant Bazaar held in Kisan Haat in Delhi. There were wastepaper baskets, laundry baskets, fruit baskets, handbags, organisers, pen stands and coasters. Another item they are currently experimenting with are lampshades. All of Sona’s products are neatly woven, durable and painted in vibrant colours. Sona began by selling on Facebook and then on Amazon. The couple now gets export enquiries from the US and Europe.

Phone: 9599564868


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