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About Us


Civil Society is an independent magazine published from New Delhi.


It was launched in September 2003 to tell stories of change from across the chaotic landscape of post-reforms India.


A newly growing economy has winners and losers — as journalists we wanted to tell the stories of those who were making it and as well as those
who were getting left behind.


In the past 19 years, Civil Society has come to be known for its refreshing style of covering people, events and trends. We are credited with redefining mainstream concerns in the Indian media.


Civil Society's reportage has brought to national attention individuals and groups who play leadership roles and drive change but get overlooked. We have shown that there is an India that exists beyond prime time.


This has been possible because we moved out of big media jobs to create a small and efficient enterprise through which journalists could look for stories where it may not be fashionable to look for them.


A democracy thrives on credible information. Small media entities, freed up from the demands of big capital, allow journalists to innovate and explore new frontiers.  A large and complex country like India needs more alternative voices.


Started with just Rs 4 lakhs (about $6,000) of personal savings, one small car and a single computer, Civil Society has shown that it is possible for professional journalists with skills and clear values to build influential enterprises in the media.





Umesh Anand, Publisher, has held several senior editorial positions in the Indian media. His last job before becoming an entrepreneur was as the Resident Editor of the Times of India in New Delhi. He has worked for the Economic Times and the Business Standard. Earlier he was part of the team that founded The Telegraph in Kolkata in 1982. He worked briefly for The Statesman before that.


Anand grew up in Kolkata where he graduated from St Xavier's College with a BA Honours degree. He has been a Times Fellow.


Rita Anand, Editor, has been a reporter and researcher, tracking people's movements and environmental concerns. In previous roles she has been a Panos Fellow, on the staff of the Centre for Science and Environment and a contributor to the Women's Feature Service.


She has a master's degree in economic history and has been a teacher.





Civil Society 's Advisory Board consists of public spirited individuals drawn from different walks of life. 


R. A. Mashelkar

Aruna Roy

Nasser Munjee

Arun Maira

Darshan Shankar


Jug Suraiya

Upendra Kaul




A democracy needs information it can trust from independent media




To show that skilled journalists can build small, independent media enterprises that matter





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