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Mighty flowers

Published: Jul. 20, 2019
Updated: Jul. 20, 2019

Phool offers luxury incense sticks with the power of flowers. Light one and the fragrance of a thousand flowers suffuses the room. Phool adds a touch of organic bliss to your yoga routine or your worship of the almighty.

After all, there is might in flowers. Indian rose calms the mind, citronella takes away pain, daffodil helps you sleep and patchouli heals stress. Phool incense sticks are natural and free of charcoal. Flowers strewn by temples and mosques along the Ganga are gathered by Phool. The wasted flowers are converted by 79 marginalised women into incense sticks and cones, and divinely packed.

There are surprises inside — a lovely wooden slide for your incense stick, a cute stand for your incense cone and a profile of the lady who made it.

Phool is part of HelpUsGreen, a social enterprise founded by Ankit Agarwal with his friend, Karan Rastogi, in 2015. The idea struck Agarwal while sitting on the ghats of the Ganga in Kanpur, watching the river flow, laden with wasted flowers. He wondered how he could spare the Ganga this load of pesticide-laced flowers.

Agarwal works with a team of research scientists. Apart from incense sticks, HelpUsGreen makes compost from flowers and flora foam, an alternative to styro foam. It is also pioneering biodegrading packaging and bio leather. In 2018, HelpUsGreen received the UN Climate Action Award.


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