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Leafy plates

Published: Apr. 12, 2021
Updated: Apr. 12, 2021

Dilseng M. Sangma, an earnest young man from Meghalaya, manufactures plates and bowls from arecanut leaves and sal leaves. One day, he saw some people in the fields eating out of arecanut leaves. He thought the leaf looked beautiful compared to the ugly thermocol plates that were generally used. Sangma decided to make proper plates and bowls from arecanut leaves. He got some tips from YouTube, rigged up a machine and now makes leafy plates and bowls of various sizes. His company’s name is Hill Products and his products are named Plates from Nature. Prices vary from `7 for a plate to `2 for a bowl. The plates and bowls are completely biodegradable.

The Deputy Commissioner of East Garo Hills, Swapnil Tembe, has fully backed his efforts. “We can save water and the environment and stop using plastic and thermocol. We will be using his plates at all official functions,” states Tembe. You can use them too.


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