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Smart snacks and heavenly sweets

Published: Dec. 12, 2023
Updated: Dec. 13, 2023

Do you begin dreaming of spicy samosas and syrupy jalebis when you’re hungry?  Banish the thought. There are delectable alternatives available which are satiating and healthy.  Here is a round-up of crunchy, salty snacks and tasty sweets that won’t add layers to your middle.

What’s more, these are traditional snacks and sweets that have been given a new twist by two Thaligai restaurants in Chennai. They’ve worked their magic with Sempulam Solutions, a company that helps farmers market traditional rice varieties, and the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS) which conserves, revives and researches ancient rice varieties in Tamil Nadu.

The trio has invented a new range of snacks and sweets made with traditional rice varieties which, it says, represent the culture, identity and heritage of Tamil Nadu. Thaligai in Tamil refers to food that is offered to the gods. This assortment is meant for the discerning food connoisseur.


Navarasa Adhirasam

Adhirasam, a classic Tamil sweet made with rice, jaggery, ghee and spices, is offered as prasadam in temples across Tamil Nadu. Sempulam offers an  assortment of nine exclusive adhirasams. Each is special because it has been made with a distinct traditional rice variety rich in iron, calcium, zinc, protein and other nutrients. The rice varieties used are Kalanamak, Karuppu Kowni, Kitchilli Samba, Kottara Samba, Mullankaima, Navara, Seeraga Samba, Sivappu Kowni and Thengaipoo Samba.


Adukku Nel Manoharam

This is also a traditional South Indian sweet made with protein-rich Adukku Nel rice. It is basically a fried murukku dipped in thick jaggery flavoured with cardamom, dry ginger and other spices.


Porivilangai Urundai

A healthy protein-rich snack, porivilangai urundai is chewy and tasty. The main ingredient in this special porivilangai urundai is a mixture of 50 traditional rice varieties, giving you all the nutrients you need.


Kallimadaiyaan Butter Murukku

Murukku is a crispy, crunchy deep-fried savoury snack with rice flour as its main ingredient. The rice used to make this murukku is the famous zinc- and iron-rich Kallimadaiyaan rice.


Neelan Samba Thattai

Thattai is a crisp deep-fried cracker made with rice flour, lentils and spices. The Neelan Samba rice used to make thattai is calcium-rich. It adds a special flavour and strengthens your bones.


Mukoodal Mixture

A perfect replacement for the North Indian bhujia. Mukoodal is a delectable mix, fried to perfection to give you that perfect crunchiness. This mukoodal mixture is made from Thooyamalli rice, Thanga Samba rice and Kitchilli Samba rice.



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