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Green pencils

Published: Jun. 05, 2019
Updated: Jun. 06, 2019

Pencils made from recycled newspaper are as good as pencils made from wood. Sturdy and smooth, these are an eco-friendly option for children as they begin their school term with new stationery. Many, many trees lose their lives to pencils. Be non-violent and kind to Mother Nature and buy recycled pencils.

GoGraameen sells such pencils for the same cost as regular ones. Around 30-40 companies in India produce recycled pencils but 95 percent export them and bypass the domestic market. “The problem is lack of awareness and resistance to change,” remarks Rajesh Singh, an engineer who founded GoGraameen and began marketing recycled pencils, adding other green products to his portfolio.

The business has recently been taken over by Harsh Soliya and Karuna Gaekwad, both IT engineers and environmentalists. They plan to redo the site and are adding biodegradable pencils with seeds of fruits and vegetables. Once the pencil is reduced to a stub, children can have fun planting it and watching their old pencil transform into a fruit or vegetable.

For enquiries contact:
Harsh Soliya : +91 88841 87888


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