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Natural pads

Published: Jul. 20, 2019
Updated: Jul. 20, 2019

Koko Girl manufactures inexpensive sanitary pads in very soft, hygienic, organic cotton. The pads feel light, airy and comfortable and are being made in three sizes: extra-large for heavy bleeding, medium for normal bleeding, and small for the last days of the period cycle. The extra-large and medium pads are called Librelle and the small ones Wisey. The pads are reasonably priced but are yet to be sold in the market. “We have just recently started manufacturing and selling our pads in small batches. The response has been excellent,” says Simran Vansal, who is in charge of marketing. “Our large pads have an absorption rate of 360 mm. All our products are biodegradable and therefore ecofriendly.”


Koko Girl, B-15,
Sector 5, Noida, UP.
Phone: 120-2424158/ 7999999100/ 9142383838.


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