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  • With solar and LED vaastu home can be hi-tech too

The bedroom looks out into a vertical garden

With solar and LED vaastu home can be hi-tech too

Susheela Nair, Bengaluru

Published: Apr. 21, 2017
Updated: Jan. 30, 2020

As I stepped into Sankrithi, the dream home of Shivakumar, an entrepreneur in Bengaluru, I was struck by the feeling of space, light and positivity all around. Tucked away in the lanes of Basavangudi, a laidback suburb and an erstwhile vegetarian Brahmin stronghold, the house is a breath of fresh air in the cluster of nondescript structures surrounding it.

Young designer Sandeep Paranjape has meticulously planned the house down to the last detail. It flaunts decor which is a fusion of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Built on a sprawling 4,700 square feet, the independent house is a three-storied structure, created with style, minimalism and warmth thanks to Paranjape’s inimitable style and choice of materials in tune with the family’s preferences.

It is interesting to see the complete involvement, personal commitment and enthusiasm of Shivakumar and his wife, Geetha, in making their dream home a reality. Escorting us around the house, Shivakumar says, “The name of the house, Sankrithi, was suggested by my daughter, Niriksha. The house is the result of my wife’s immense creative disposition, meticulous planning, styling, keen attention to detail and personal supervision.” She kept giving feedback while the house was being constructed, explained Shivakumar. Niriksha is studying medicine but keeps herself updated on design trends and the creative facets of a good home. Her trendy room with brightly done interiors, colourful upholstery and bedspreads reflects her vibrant personality and cheerful nature.

The bedroom 

Sankrithi is an inspiration for many with its firsts. It boasts of a temperature-controlled ripple smart pool, with an extensive open-to-air sit-out. It has a lawn on Level 3. The extensive teak wood used has been sourced from Shivakumar’s ancestral home in Hole Narsipura in Hassan district of Karnataka and dates back to the 1930s.

The house also has a first of its kind 15.1 Atmos Digital Sound system installed in a gigantic 12-seater home theatre with a dance floor and laser lighting. The design consultant of renowned music director A.R. Rahman planned the home theatre room.  The entertainment area on Level 3 also has a bar, gym, steam and Ayurvedic massage facility. The home theatre reflects Shivakumar’s love of cinema. A beautiful collage of his favourite stars of yesteryear welcomes one to this room.

The foyer overlooks a unique water body with colourful kettles spouting water. The space has a soothing ambience. The living area on the ground floor has an attached private garden and a two-layered nature aquarium with live plants. The house is 100 percent vaastu-compliant, with elements such as the elevated entry point at the main entrance to the high roof in the living room, the location of the kitchen, the water body on the northern side of the living room, the puja room, the open-air rooftop sitting area, the direction of all the bedrooms, and so on. The colour scheme is cool and soothing. The furniture placement across rooms for greater utility is impeccable.

The entrance lobby is a blend of contemporary design with a touch of ethnicity. The lobby is about 20 feet high with handpicked chandeliers. A two-layered aquarium in the lobby has been specially designed to ensure an uninterrupted view from the dining area which is parallel to the lobby. The home has a spacious living area, family lounge and separate dining area that opens into an outdoor private terrace, puja room, master bedroom and a spacious kitchen. The marble used for flooring has been sourced from Silvassa in Gujarat. The master bedroom on the ground floor opens into a lawn with a water body and creates the perfect ambience for spending quality time with the family over coffee.

The home has LED smart lighting control systems. One can control the lighting through a laptop, a tablet and even a smartphone. The house has the latest security systems. The dining area has wooden-bladed fans sourced from the US.

The swanky home deserves greenie points for its extensive use of solar panels and a water treatment facility that ensures the water in each tap is RO-purified. Also, the house has excellent cross-ventilation that makes natural light available until dusk. To ensure huge power saving, Shivakumar took utmost care to have the entire house fitted with LED automated lighting control systems.

The lobby and an aquarium


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