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The Nizamuddin hotspot

  • Even as large gatherings of all kinds were banned in the country, the Talbighi Jamaat, an obscure Islamic group, held a convention of its adherents at it six-storey building in the Nizamuddin area of New Delhi.


    Pictures by: Shrey Gupta

  • The convention became a source for the spread of the Coronavirus 19 disease with cases surfacing as far as Kashmir and the Andamans. 

  • Those who attended came from Indonesia, Nepal and across India. The meeting was from March 13 to 15, but sessions continued beyond those dates  The building in Nizamuddin has six floors and can house 2,000 people.

  • Interestingly, it is just next door to the Nizamuddin police station but no efforts seem to have been made to prevent the gathering.

  • On Tuesday, followers of the Talbhigi Jamaat were still being pulled out of the building and taken away to quarantine in buses.