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Migrants find food, shelter in Delhi

  • The AAP-led Delhi government is providing 400,000 meals, twice a day, to migrant workers who were heading for their villages mostly in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. With no transport available due to the three-week lockdown, migrants had begun to walk with their families and meagre possessions. They had neither money nor food. The Delhi government has stepped in and assured the workers that food and shelter will be provided.



    Pictures by: Shrey Gupta

  • “Not a single person will go hungry,” said Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, went in person to the main bus stand from where migrant workers were beginning their long trek home and reassured them that food and shelter would be provided by the Delhi government. Charitable organizations, NGOs, gurdwaras, social workers are all working together to ensure that food is provided twice a day to migrant workers. A simple nutritious meal is being served.

  • Around 224 night shelters for the homeless are now available for migrant workers. The shelters in the picture are along the Yamuna river. These are obviously not enough so 325 government schools are also being roped in to provide food and shelter to the workers.

  • The night shelter is clean and equipped with facilities like drinking water, toilets, mattresses and so on. But the number of people who can sleep inside has been reduced to ensure that social distancing norms are followed. The rest are being encouraged to sleep outside since the weather is pleasant.