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  • Demographic dangers

    Demographic dangers

    DEMOGRAPHY is in the news, thanks to the Lok Sabha elections and the latest projections of population growth. The former ...

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  • Innovation is the buzzword

    Innovation is the buzzword

    INVENTION is the holy grail of researchers: to create something that does not exist and may not even have been ...

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  • A chip for your thoughts

    A chip for your thoughts

    OVER the centuries, humans have constantly sought to increase their muscle power. Bullocks for ploughing, water currents for milling, and ...

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  • The status economy

    The status economy

    WHERE do you live? This question, asked by a fellow guest at a Delhi party, can determine the flow of ...

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  • The leisure economy

    The leisure economy

    ARE you free? This oft-asked question is prone to multiple interpretations. Human rights activists will understand it in the context ...

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  • India’s diamond

    India’s diamond

    THE headline may lead you to think that this is about the diamond jubilee last year of India’s independence, or ...

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  • Those left behind

    Those left behind

    DESPITE the ambiguity that the heading might lead to, this is not about the Communist or other Leftist parties as ...

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  • Diversity is strength

    Diversity is strength

    On occasion, most recently in the US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken with pride about the diversity of India. ...

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  • The pain of one

    The pain of one

    THERE is a new affliction across much of the world, especially in the West. Unlike Covid or other viruses, it ...

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  • With AI, a zero-sum game?

    With AI, a zero-sum game?

    TECHNOLOGICAL singularity, an idea first advanced by mathematician John van Neumann, is when technological growth becomes self-sustaining, irreversible, and practically ...

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  • Will India seize the moment?

    Will India seize the moment?

    The tagline of the rap song "Apna time aayega" (My time will come) from the recent Hindi film, The Gully ...

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  • Food fashions and the future

    Food fashions and the future

    A much-used slogan is roti, kapda, makaan. Of these, food is a survival necessity, and has long been on top ...

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  • What stole my job?

    What stole my job?

    LAY-OFFS, unemployment, moonlighting and gig work, shortage of talent; amidst issues and contradictions, what is happening to jobs? People around ...

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  • Name or number?

    Name or number?

    WHO am I? is a deep philosophical question, one which can take a lifetime of pondering. Humans are prone to ...

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  • Decentralize or drown

    Decentralize or drown

    THE recent flooding in Bengaluru, the IT capital of India and amongst the most important global hubs for the tech ...

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  • On a digital high

    On a digital high

    Economies around the world are going through a major transition. In some, this has been slow and incremental, evolving over ...

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  • Mobility matters

    Mobility matters

    CRUCIAL meeting to get to, and stuck in a traffic jam? That is when you realize how much mobility matters. ...

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  • Creating urban harmony

    Creating urban harmony

    THEFTS. Street crime. Dacoities. Drugs. Gang wars. No, this is not the ad blurb for a new Bollywood potboiler; rather, ...

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  • Demography-driven migration

    Demography-driven migration

    DEMOGRAPHY has, for some years now, been recognized as a driver of various key parameters of a nation. A country ...

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  • The future wars

    The future wars

    THE war in Ukraine has busted many a myth. Most have felt, for some years now, that the days of ...

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  • Reason to wonder and worry

    Reason to wonder and worry

    IN the years ahead, technology will affect and change our lives even more than it has in the past. Last ...

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  • 2030 can be India’s techade

    2030 can be India’s techade

    ELECTIONS in many states this year and for the Lok Sabha in 2024; the 75th anniversary of Independence and of ...

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