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  • Out in the cold

    Out in the cold

    This year’s Budget presentation was preceded by hope that there would be a departure from the past. On the last ...

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  • The loving link

    The loving link

    In Indian cities, the number of elderly without children feeling insecure and seeking help has been rising. Police records reveal ...

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  • Spend on pension, care

    Spend on pension, care

    India’s older population has trebled since Independence and is now significantly at 100 million. But the number of people over ...

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  • Pension system is overdue

    Pension system is overdue

    It has long been alleged that one reason people in developing countries have so many children is for old age ...

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  • The new old age homes

    The new old age homes

    I was in Australia and visiting a relative, an elderly uncle living in a retirement home in Melbourne. The visit ...

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  • Learn from ageing Japan

    Learn from ageing Japan

    Recently I had a chat with Professor Masahiro Fujiwara, President of a Japanese Foundation celebrating its 100th anniversary. He said ...

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