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  • Ahimsa musings

Ahimsa musings

  • Armed with a fearless pen

    Armed with a fearless pen

    BE Fearless is a compelling, timeless but difficult call. When you are confronted by a hostile mob that is determined ...

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  • Two compelling symbols

    Two compelling symbols

    WE live in an age of many firsts. We are the first humans to have a ‘Doomsday Clock’ as well ...

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  • Space for peace

    Space for peace

    ISRO’s successful soft landing of Chandrayaan is a joyous moment that can inspire us to dwell on a big question. ...

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  • Fight back with a kiss

    Fight back with a kiss

    IT is ten years since the annals of nonviolent civil disobedience were enlivened by the ‘kissing protest’ in Turkey. In ...

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  • A laughing matter

    A laughing matter

    Non-violent civil disobedience is usually associated with images of a lone, unarmed and grim-faced person standing defiantly in the path ...

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  • Raising the hand of peace

    Raising the hand of peace

    AN impassioned procession of protesters was marching towards Gandhi Maidan in Patna. The year was 1974 and that procession was ...

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  • Not an exclusive heaven

    Not an exclusive heaven

    ONE morning, at a school assembly, the principal urged students and teachers to make their school a ‘heaven on earth’. ...

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