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Elder care in these times

Published: Oct. 15, 2020
Updated: Oct. 15, 2020

Research indicates that people over 60 are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. Those with pre-existing medical conditions like heart and lung diseases, hypertension, diabetes or cancer are in greater danger.

So what can we do to help elders cope with the challenges of the pandemic? How do we keep them healthy and happy in the midst of the extraordinary stress of these times?

A little exercise will help. Yoga in particular is beneficial with pranayama and stretches. There is no substitute to eating right and modestly. So, think small meals with fruits and water in plenty.

Companionship is absolutely essential. Invariably it will have to be from within the family. Find the time to be with the elderly and talk to them. Social distancing shouldn’t become isolation.

It is a given that this is not the time to go in for a cataract or a hernia operation. Most elective surgeries can wait. Keeping the elderly out of hospital, except in an emergency situation, is a good idea.

Ayurveda has much to offer by way of solutions for enhancing the quality of life of the elderly. Plant-based natural medicines restore the balance within the body, reduce stress and build immunity.  


For respiratory complaints

If it is an ordinary cough or cold, gargling and some steam inhalation is the right way to go. If you find it is helping but not enough, try gargling with Oro-T from Himalaya a couple of times in the day.

For a cough try taking two Tulasi tablets three times a day or Koflet lozenges/syrup  three of four times a day. Both are Himalaya products.

Septilin tablets from Himalaya (2-2-2) for one week or up to 10 days help in checking a common cold.


For enhancing immunity

l Guduchi tablets from Himalaya or Samshamanivati from any reputed pharmacy. Take the tablets 2 -0- 2 before meals.

l Septilin tablets from Himalaya 2-0-2 after meals.

l Chyavanaprasha of any reputed pharmacy: 1-0-1 teaspoon, before meals, or Ayushkwatha (as suggested by AYUSH Ministry) 20ml in the morning and 20 ml in the evening before meals.


For fatigue or unexplained weakness

l Ashvagandha tablets from Himalaya two tablets twice daily.

l Geriforte tablets  or syrup  from Himalaya two tablets or two teaspoons twice daily.


For flatulence/ frequent belching

l Liv.52 DS tablets from Himalaya — one tablet in the morning and one in the evening before meals.

l Gasex tablets  from Himalaya or Shankhavati from Baidyanath — two tablets in the morning and evening after meals.


For indigestion

l Trikatu / Gasex syrup (Himalaya) two teaspoons thrice daily before meals.

l Jeerakarishta (any reputed pharmacy) four teaspoons twice in a day with equal water after meals.


Dr Srikanth is a postgraduate in Ayurveda and has been a consulting physician for the past 19 years. He is currently  National Manager, Scientific Services,  at The Himalaya Drug Company



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