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'The present structure is best for the city'

Ajay Maken has his roots in New Delhi's politics. He says city's current status as the capital with multiple authorities is best for it.
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Mohali gets an app to clean up
A toll-free helpline is available for citizens to lodge civic complaints. A mobile phone app makes it possible to report the exact location of garbage, potholes and fused streetlights.
Odisha leads on labour
Subhash Singh, a radical trade union leader, heads the Construction Workers Welfare Board. It has made impressive gains in implementing the law.
Pyro is a green stove
Svati Bhogle has invented a fuel efficient smokeless stove for street vendors in urban areas and for women huddled over smoky stoves in villages.
Jackfruit finds a company
Artocarpus is India’s first formal jackfruit enterprise. It has been launched by Subhash Koroth, 32. His factory manufactures 10 jackfruit products.
NIIT’s learn and earn path
The Hole in the Wall Learning Stations, set up in slums by NIIT, are helping children learn maths and science, use search engines, draw, paint and check their general knowledge.
At the Toronto Film Festival this year, a quartet of films set in South Asia addressed themes ranging from Malala Yousafzai’s crusade for girls’ education to the efforts of a handful of intrepid archivists to save Afghanistan’s endangered cinema heritage.
Thongkholal Haokip’s book, ‘India’s Look East Policy and the Northeast’, is refreshingly timely. Haokip makes a strong argument for the need to see the northeastern states as a bridge to East and Southeast Asia.
Wild Woods Resort is a breath of fresh air

Wild Woods Resort, spread over 22 acres, consists of a cluster of 30 cottages and villas. Each is simple but elegant with a patio, a living area and a bedroom. The cottages overlook a river and the resort is enveloped by a manmade forest.
The lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq on the mere suspicion that his family had consumed beef has evoked widespread revulsion across India. A close look at the growing communal divide across the country and the forces sponsoring it.
A mob is a mob is a mob
The lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri by a mob of Hindus — on the mere suspicion that he and his family had killed a calf and had been eating beef — should make all Indians worry.
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