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Politics is not just about the vote

On 2 December, nearly 15,000 people gathered at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to protest against cuts in social spending and reduction in work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).
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Report presents grim reality of Bilaspur deaths
The fact finding team presents a sorry picture of India’s family planning programme.
‘In India disasters have become a part of life’
The scale of calamities has been changing and the challenge of restoring infrastructure has become tougher.
Poor being shut out of cities
Cities in India are becoming more difficult to live in for the working poor. In the past decade, slums have been mowed down and their residents dumped on the outskirts of the city.
Cheaper housing
Governments have been waking up to affordable housing, but how to fund homes that families with modest incomes can afford?
Mining town has new forests
Noamundi is a mining town in Jharkhand. Yet, apart from the mining sites, greenery abounds all around this neat town. Its thick forests are all manmade.
The Self-Employed Women’s Association has been studying cash transfers to gauge its impact. Renana Jhabvala, National Coordinator, discusses their findings.
When it comes to green, leafy vegetables, most city-dwellers are familiar only with spinach, mustard and amaranth leaves. But forest-dwelling communities consume an amazing variety of greens gathered from forests.
Best 4 pictures of Heritage Sites

An international photo exhibition featuring UNESCO World Sites in India and abroad was displayed at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore from 9-11 January. The exhibition was a pictorial delight with as many as 120 photographs on World Heritage Sites in 20 countries by 34 travel photographers, heritage buffs and tourism boards.
A strange contradiction marks the political scene in West Bengal. The Trinamool Congress has not performed too poorly in terms of actual work done during its stewardship of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) in the last four years.
Goonj – Rahat Flood Campaign
The Uttarakhand floods have wreaked havoc and taken heavy toll on lives and livelihoods. Many villages have been washed away. The death toll is uncertain and thousands are still stranded in the upper reaches of the state and are waiting for rescue and relief materials to reach them.
The voices out there
When 15,000 people, mostly very poor, travel to New Delhi from all over the country to protest cuts in social spending, how should one take it? Is it a scripted display of anguish? Or does it represent a genuine and much wider unhappiness with the Modi government’s policies?
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