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Making India digitally literate is a national goal. The Digital Empowerment Foundation is part of this effort. Equipped with knowledge of best practices in ICTD and mobile apps, it trains and connects panchayats, schools, artisans, self-help groups…

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‘You have to see the patient, talk to him, touch him’

Dr Bhargava believes India should emulate the UK where NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) provides guidelines for every single disease - what should be done, what should not be done and what is economically viable for a country like the UK. ‘We should have similar guidelines for India,’ he says.

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Builders vs Forest
Mangar Bani is an ancient forest close to the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway. If it is axed by developers the hot winds of the Thar desert will envelop Delhi.
Doda’s living dead
On the night of 9 October 1999, when Wali Mohammad Khan and his family finally slipped into a fearful slumber, four masked, armed men entered their house and abducted Khan.
Has govt got Ganga right?
Towns and villages along the river have to be held responsible for polluting its waters. That means having strong municipal governance and panchayats.
Tata Steel’s green score
When Tata Steel expands production capacity to be more competitive, the cutting edge it looks for is in higher levels of sustainability. It is good for business, less damaging to the environment and important for the company’s public image.
Kokum goes instant
Kokum has finally arrived on the global scene. In a small but historic first step, Konimsfurti, a food-processing cluster in Maharashtra, recently exported around three tonnes of dry kokum rind to the US.
Every eight minutes a child goes missing without a trace in India. Robert Bilheimer’s film, Not My Life, is a harrowing but redemptive film that travels into the heart of darkness and emerges with stories of horror and hope.
Calcutta’s calendar is dominated by two seasons – there is the Puja season and then there is the Christmas season. While the Pujas are quintessentially Bengali, Christmas is typically Anglo-Indian. And Christmas is an apt leitmotif in Robyn Andrews’ book on the Anglo-Indian community in Kolkata, as the city is now known.
Monsoon magic in Wayanad

During the monsoon months from June to September, Wayanad is truly magical. It is the time of the year when nature is at its most beautiful. When the rainy season begins, travel agents, tour operators, travel writers and destination connoisseurs make a beeline for Wayanad to take part in Splash 2014, a three-day monsoon carnival.
Thomas Kocherry, 74, a priest and a staunch activist for the rights of fish workers, passed away on 3rd May after suffering a massive heart attack. Kocherry’s death is a big loss to the National Fishworkers Forum (NFF) that he helped found and the National Alliance for People’s Movement (NAPM) with whom his forum was affiliated and where he worked as convener for a while.
Goonj – Rahat Flood Campaign
The Uttarakhand floods have wreaked havoc and taken heavy toll on lives and livelihoods. Many villages have been washed away. The death toll is uncertain and thousands are still stranded in the upper reaches of the state and are waiting for rescue and relief materials to reach them.
Doctors and hospitals
A prosperous and strong economy needs, above all, healthy people. India’s healthcare system is in a shambles and any claim that we may lay to being a significant power will be tested by what we do to fix the healthcare system.
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